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Welcome to Conspiracy II the 28th National Science Fiction Convention 2007

The Shadow Lurker - Only the paranoid survive

Truth-seekers everywhere, beware! The Shadow-Lurker has recently recieved information that a newer and more terrifying conspiracy than any before is underway!

Sources reveal that several known "Men in Black" have been active in Wellington again. Not seen since their last nation-wide reign of terror (which was conveniently overlooked by the so-called popular press) they have now returned! Is this a continuation of their plot, set in motion so many years ago? We can only speculate for now.

In the meantime, we urge our readers ... keep your eyes peeled. Watch the skies, and alert us if you see any of the following known conspirators:

godzilla Stephen "Techno Geek" Pritchard

Known 133t h4xx0r and techno-geek, Pritchard is known to prefer sniper techniques, and is considered relatively dangerous. He is known for his fondness for mental torture (by way of his addiction to what are commonly called "bad movies" and Gerry Anderson productions) and his shaggy appearance.

Do not engage at long range.

yuma Jessica "Shadow Master" Ihimaera-Smiler

Master manipulator and merciless mercenary, Ihimaera-Smiler (aka the Unspellable One) prefers to work from behind the scenes, but has recently chosen to show herself in public, possibly in order to gather troops for her nefarious purposes. She is a huge anime fan, and writes far too much fanfiction.

Do not engage at ANY range. (But do feed anime - Ed).

darlek Toni "Games Master" Taia

Another l33t h4xx0r, Taia is believed to be a cyborg of some sort, as he is never found without his PDA. He has a high tolerance for pain, and a low tolerance for idiots.

Do not engage at short range.

crowtrobot Jamas "Fan boy" Enright

News has reached us of a new addition to this gang of scoundrels. Enright is a dangerous master of obscure facts and can find one to suit any argument. He is extremely well-versed in media knowledge, and known for his ruthless cunning and logic.

Do not engage with DVDs.

eightball Magic Eightball

The last member of this gang. Magic Eightball was brought in to help make the tough decisions. It always has the answer. It may not make any sense or be any use, but at least it's an answer.

Answer not clear. Try again later.


We have just received word that it has been officialy denied that Paul "What do you mean 'l'm on the Committee'??!!" Thomas is part of this conspiracy. It has also been denied that he has been voted 'Committee member-in-absentia'.